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My weekend (almost a week late)

Before I begin, let me just say, THE NEW ISSUE OF C.O.D IS OUT! If you live on Cape Cod, pick it up! Don’t know where? Then GET SOME.
I have a lot to say about Sarah Palin (and the election in general) in my column. Check it out!


Last weekend I went up to Cape Cod to visit friends and whatnot. Saturday was spent in Cotuit at a huge, incredible benefit show for the Cotuit Center for the Arts that my good friend James put on through C.O.D. I love going to C.O.D events. Hence, the six hour round-trip drive was totally worth it.

Of course, I put my time in and painted faces for a few hours:

I’ve done it a few times at various local fairs and events, and I was mourning not having that Klutz face-painting book. They show you step by step how to make virtually anything a kid could want. I kept thinking, “okay monkey, monkey… what was the monkey face like again? White cheeks? Ears? No ears? Tongue…?” so I sort of made it up as I went along, and inevitably as soon as I finished, the children in line would look at my work in disgust and say something like, “that’s not a monkey, she TOTALLY looks like a bear…” or “is that a puppy or a panda? I can’t tell.”

At least you can count on kids to be honest I guess.

I have butterflies down though. Most of the little girls asked for butterflies, and for once, I was more than happy to indulge their pre-pubescent girly tendencies. By the end, there were a bunch of little butterfly-faces running around. There was also a bouncy dragon castle, arts and crafts, Cape Cod Beer, wine and cigars from Murphy’s, the burrito bus, and THREE epic shows from The Incredible Casuals, The Old Silver Band, and Spiritual Rez. The culmination was an all out jam session at the very end.
Rarely have I danced so hard. And then jumped around inside a bouncy castle with other adults. And then danced some more…

Did I mention we were serving Cape Cod beer all afternoon? The summer ale is delicious.

I think the best part of the show was watching all of the little girls watching John onstage with OSB. Usually the gaggle of small children were running around the dance floor, but every so often a cluster of little girls would kneel right below John and gaze up at him adoringly. John is a classically attractive, tall individual, and apparently women of all ages are just inherently programmed to swoon. Including five year olds. Whatever makes a young female’s brain want pink shiny things and butterflies, also makes them want guys like John.

On Sunday, I made my obligatory visit to Sage Yarn and Gifts on Main Street in Falmouth. I’ve been there… maybe a total of six times? But the owner distinctly remembered me the first time back, and now I feel like I should check in with her whenever I go up there. She’s so sweet! I think her husband works there too, and they both ask me what I’m knitting, and how it’s coming along. Very pleasant people, and beautiful yarns. I managed to find a couple of my punch cards, so I bought a bunch of yarn and some cable needles and got $10 off, plus a new card. It’s the one punch card-get something free thing I’ve ever cashed in, and once again… totally worth it.

I’ve already made a cabled hat with what I bought there. First time and I didn’t screw it up!

Sunday evening I went down to the Landfall Restaurant in Woods Hole. They were having the banquet for the Calcutta fishing tournament, which Nat (my friend/captain of the Annie P) SWEPT. He won in both the bluefish and striped bass categories, and the slob he pulled in was almost FIFTY pounds. Rosco and the kitchen cooked up a few of the fish that had been donated, and Nat’s striper was enormous and delicious. It was a fun little event, and I had a blast sitting around with people I haven’t seen much these past few weeks. Of course, the downside was when Dan bought me a shot of tequila. The rest of the night was less fun… I hadn’t done a shot of anything in quite awhile, so my stomach got a rude awakening. Lesson learned: stick to beer.

Overall though, it was a spectacular weekend.

Woods Hole, I just can’t quit you…

In other news, I have a piece coming out in the new issue of Ben Allsup’s sweet zine, “BenShotMe.” And in the meantime, be sure to check out C.O.D’s website for all of the haps on Cape Cod: READCOD.com

Good pictures, good prose, good times.


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